Step-by-Step Learning Path

Not sure where to start? Here’s a quick overview of where to go to learn more about synthetic data, get started with, and learn how to add and build your own content.

What is

We have some great getting started content to help you learn about the basics of what we do, why, and what we offer.

Learn about and why you need a PaaS for Synthetic Data: Introduction to

Find out more about what comes with the Platform: The Platform

Learn about workflows for synthetic data engineers and data scientists: Who uses

Use this guide for common terms: Terminology

What can I do with

Find out what you can do with Graphs and Datasets using our web-based interface: Quick Start Guide

Learn more about microservices and doing more than just creating datasets: Using Microservices

How do I start building my own content and synthetic data channels?

Explore our Development Guides to get started coding your own channels and adding content to generate synthetic data: Development Guides

Browse our SDK documentation: Anatools SDK documentation