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Content Codes

Content codes are the fastest way to get started on the platform. By using a content code you will be given a new workspace that has predefined content that can include example graphs, datasets, and analysis. Using a content code is easy, and there are two ways to do it depending on whether or not you already have a account.

Registering with a Content Code

Signup for an account here:

After a brief demographics survey, you will receive an invitation email to join the platform. That email will redirect you to the Platform’s registration page that looks similar to the image below.

Registration page

New users can specify a content code when filling in the registration information. In the example below we are using the SATRGB content code which gives us access to a channel that simulates satellite imagery.

Completing Registration

After filling in the information, click the Sign up button. You will receive an email for verification, after which you will be able to sign into the platform by navigating to and filling out the same email and password.

After you login, you will see the content code workspace in your new organization.

New Organization with Content Code


Creating a new Workspace with a Content Code

The second way of using a content code is to create a new workspace with a content code. To do this, click on your organization, select Workspaces and then click on the New Workspace button on the top right of the screen.

New Workspace

After clicking on the New Workspace button, you will be shown a new dialog where you can name the new workspace, select channels or enter a content code. For this example we will just name the new workspace and provide the same content code.

Creating workspace with content code

After clicking on the Create button, the new workspace will be created within the organization. The Workspaces table should now show the new content code workspace.

Workspace table


Now you can open up the workspace and start exploring!

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