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Product Version 0.2.0

December 21, 2021

New Features and Improvements

  • Support Site is Live for Users to browse Documentation about General Concepts, Developer Guides, and SDK Documentation

  • Platform Cloud

    • Different levels of access for Organization Members, Workspace Guests, and Organization Administrators

    • Job manager Redesign

    • Improved Preview Generation speed

  • Platform Web Interface

    • Refreshed for performance improvements and reactivity

    • Members can view their Organizations and Workspaces through the Landing Page

    • Organization Admins can view Billing information, make changes to their Plan, make payments, and can view their level of access through the Organization Settings Page

    • Members and Admins can transfer Workspaces between Organizations

    • Users can view more detailed Job status on the Jobs Page

    • Users can navigate to the Support Site through the Documentation Dropdown in the header

    • Users can sign up for the Platform and must verify email before logging in

    • Users will have a default Workspace when they log in for the first time

  • SDK

    • Renamed all graph calls to staged_graphs in anatools.client.graphs module

    • Members can manage and deploy data Volumes through the SDK with the anatools.client.volumes module

    • Members can manage and view Channel Deployment status through the SDK with the anatools.client.channels module

    • Members can run and manage Analytics jobs through the SDK with the module

    • Members can run and manage GAN jobs through the SDK with the anatools.client.gan module

    • Members can run and manage Annotations jobs through the SDK with the anatools.client.annotations module

    • create_dataset method updated with to use the runs parameter instead of interpretations for the anatools.client.graphs module

  • ANA Channel Development Repository

    • New Ana classes, attributes, and helper functions to make Channel Development easier

    • Members can pull a template Channel Development Docker Image from the Public ECR

    • Members can run containers via the devcontainer.json file

  • Legal

    • Update to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Known Issues

  • Platform Web Interface

    • When new user registers and goes to Organizations they are greeted with “You don’t have permissions” error.

    • Workspace Guests cannot remove themselves from Workspaces

    • Bad Graph Errors are not cached and affects Previews

    • Jobs in Queued State may show status of 100% before running

    • # of Instances in Organization Settings Table is not accurate

    • Preview startup can take several minutes (~3min)

  • SDK

    • Uploading Volumes and Deploying Channels through the SDK is time-intensive


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