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Platform Version 1.0.2

Platform Release Notes

Version 1.0.2



New Features and Improvements

Enable Logging on router to support MAU - DAU
[Vanta] Remediate "Serverless function error rate monitored (AWS)"
[Vanta] Remediate "VPC Flow Logs enabled"
[Vanta] Remediate "Messaging queue message age monitored"
[Vanta] Remediate "IMDSv1 is disabled on EC2 Instances"
Docker image updates
Configure ingress for Admin API
Configure ingress for Admin API
Admin API shield update for Admin Cognito pool.
Production k-platform updates.
Terraform Implementation of required SOC2 controls (Vanta)
Add Deckard smoke tests
Convert daily-expiration-checks to Argo

Bug Fixes

Convert load balancers from instance to ip
channel deployment instance type p2.xlarge is defaulted on sdk
DatasetId not passed to createGANDataset API call
Cpu nodes are using nvidia device plugin
ANA Job successRun and failedRun failed due to network issue
Jobs Page: Pressing “Clear finished jobs” button doesn't change UI state
Cannot multi-select delete nodes.
SetChannelGraph call copying graph location value to graphLocation, when graph is updated channel's graph will updated too
Object Metrics and Properties jobs fail


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