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Platform Version 0.3.0

Platform Release Notes

Version 0.3.0



New Features and Improvements


Static site for downtime / maintenance.

Update Billing Plans

Add example channel and example volume to all new orgs.

Dynamically Defined Modifiers

Updates to Organization Plans page.

Release 0.3.0 Documentation

Deleting User and Organization

Organization Resources

Organization Expiration

Microservice Errors

Graph Validation

Workspace Analytics - Analysis Page

Workspace Volumes

Bug Fixes


Remove depricated tables from core repo

Fix createManagedGAN integration test issue on staging

Fix terraform setup for dynamodb stream batch size

DynamoDB stream on OrganizationWorkspaces are failing

Delete channel is not updating the organization channels limit

Job isn't running successfully.

Issue with createManagedMap in staging.

Single volume is not showing up on libraries volume page

Remove graph validation on preview and staging functionality

Notifications are not cleared when you update all graph nodes

Anatools getVolumeData unexpected dir parameter

createStagedGraph API is creating a default graph + default staged graph for custom input json

Anamount/anadeploy error when package has no volume

Node Entry Does not match duplicated and downloaded Graph

Rename Change thumbnail to Thumbnail

Remove microservices and add email to functionality to purchase credit button on Plans page

Can't change a password using forgot password link

Incorrect validation on Current Password

Issue with deckard page going blank.

Move load map data to Batch for Annotations.

getVolumeData Pagination

UX improvement for linking nodes

CLONE - "Missing permissions" warning caused by sequencing issue on deleting workspaces

Node inputs show autofill

Graph editor sometimes freezes when a link is deleted and the only way to unfreeze is press shift

Analytics Fails when no objects

Shift + multiselect bug on Deckard canvas


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