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Platform Version 0.2.9

Platform Release Notes

Version 0.2.9



New Features and Improvements


Workspace Analytics - Dataset More Info

Check and verify the spacing between components on landing page & workspace home page & grid box menu

Update organizations route for consistency & remove loading hydration issue on sign in & sign up & forgot password

SDK Calls for delete_managed_channel, delete_managed_volume.

Implement new Workspace Channels selection design.

Bug Fixes


Issue with registering new user

Billing method from other organization showing up in different organization

Preview sizing issue.

When creating a new graph, the channels dropdown displays channels that should not be available to you and that are from another organization.

After updating Channels in editor, they are not getting saved in DB

Routing is incorrect from Graphs page

Cannot create new graphs in Staging

High res previews

Issue with  Platform UI refreshing in production.

The job manager stuck when task definition become inactive

Issue with snapshots showing default values if set value is empty.

Error from redshift seed value null issue on uploaded dataset

SDK login


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