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Platform Version 0.2.7

Platform Release Notes

Version 0.2.7



New Features and Improvements


Change configuration to use new path in graphql queries

Fill canvas on open graph & with the toolbar option

Run Postprocess when Job is Cancelled

Add Channel Documentation to Channel Deployment

Workspace Volumes API Changes

Increment Organization Workspace Limit when using a Content Code

Staged jobs: Autoseed and Autonaming checkboxes are unnecessary

Need to display full date/time on Datasets page

Use common-lib instead of helper functions

Modify codebase to not use old graph firebase path.

Python 3.6 in AWS Lambda

Refactor running jobs calculation section

Updates for Dataset Logs API

Cache & change the routing behavior on organizations/ route

Cache the header component on workspaces/${workspaceId}/ routes

Make ECR bucket policy more dynamic

Fill canvas on open graph and with tool bar button

Upgrade Gatsby to V3

Add login endpoint to public API.

Upgrade MUI to V5

Fix the Content-Security-Policy issue reported on the web

Use apollo shield for checking permissions on organizations & workspaces for resolvers

Turn all tables into on-demand scaling

Keep the workspace name the same when cloning a workspace.

Implement graphql-shield on every graphql service

Increased speed of job info estimation and decrease dynamodb read load

Deprecate the old graph firebase path

Create public api for registration calls.

Updates to Content Code Backend Implementation

Add "save image as" option on Datasets page image preview

Add accessibility to buttons found on  Platform UI that points to another url

Add node to center of screen.

Increase IP address range of public and private subnet on AWS

Channel Documentation

Graph Traceback

UMAP Microservice

Bug Fixes


Newly created graphs not showing up at top of Graphs section on Workspace/Graphs pages.

Issue when cancelling preview.

Layout issue for Annotations types with long names.

Issue with hover over in Datasets page, More Info section.

Issue with graph layout on graph upload.

Graph Editor Page: links to nodes are not connecting on 1 click

Issue with deleting graph in Test Env.

Duplicate messages on preview.

Issue with getManagedChannels call, not returning's example channel in dev.

getVolumes API permission issue for guest in workspace with 0 volumes

Misalignment of node elements

Design issues on Staged Graphs section of Jobs page.

Design issues on New Graph modal

Copy OrganizationId Icon on Organizations Settings Page

Issue with Dataset Page Organization Context

Styling for Dataset Page Icons

Analytics Microservice Issue

Job cancellation fails on large job

When clicking on the invite member button on organization members page, it shows organization id error

Issues with jobs stuck.

Invalid role name for ECR Policy

Rename Staged Graph in Jobs Manager

Fix flag for user-created dataset.

Preview cancel sometimes fails

Ignore MACOSX files for Upload Dataset

Errors show up twice in Preview error log

Dataset Storage usage not getting updated when Workspace is deleted from Organization.

Issue on Organization Settings Page if there is no workspaces.

Validate content code in New Workspace modal.

uploadChannelGraph mutation not found & remove the create organization related code from  Platform UI

Node links are not hitting the right spot

Pressing delete in contact us

copying nodes doesn't copy links

Add "PUT" request to deckard-{env}-data for allowed network requests

Create GAN DS stuck "Running"

 Platform UI issues with Dataset uploads.

Force to use on-demand instance after failing on spot

Finished job not appearing in Datasets

Error when not picking a "Mapping" in create annotation

GAN error box


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