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Platform Version 0.2.6

Platform Release Notes

Version 0.2.6



New Features and Improvements


Implement Redis for federation schema caching

Solve the Apollo Studio sub-graphs issues

Fix website vulnerability using Snyk website Scanner

Update  Platform UI modals to useModal hook

Content Code

Uploading Datasets

Add "Download as a PDF" option to Channel Documentation

Zoom to full extent on graph editor

Add CORS to S3 bucket that contains the channel documentation MD files

Restrict public access for microservices

Reduce the number of graphql queries on  Platform UI pages.

Bug Fixes


Uploading a dataset without the images directory results in an error

Fix the datasets page network request endless loop

eslint prettier config

Fix modal provider overflow

Issue with New Workspace modal on Organization Workspace page.

when creating workspace on landing page after validation, create button still disabled

Issue with Preview caching

Incorrect English in job success message

Select options should be alphabetically sorted

Issue with deployment status in SDK

Double click on textfield in graph zooms in

When typing value into a node you need to keep the cursor on the text field.

Nodes do not appear on empty canvas


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