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Platform Version 0.2.5

Platform Release Notes

Version 0.2.5



New Features and Improvements


Add S3 CORS rule for ana/channel-doc bucket to enable access for UI

Implement getBankAccounts query on infrastructure & expose it to  Platform UI

Change "Instances" to "Peak Instances" on plans page

Enable Quicksight on production

Trace-ability UI Implementation

Implement backfill script for admin log

Release new spot job manager on production

Create site for sdk docs.

Update all typography on  Platform UI to Text component

Update AnaRun table to support interpretation info

Traceback back-end implementation

Implement sdk and api calls to retrieve channel logs.

Add Boolean for has created a dataset in the last month to Admin Waitlist reporting

Update Stripe API calls to include a try/catch on the stripe client instantiation.

Turn Modal into Custom React Hook

Bug Fixes


Fix Login Vulnerability

Extra whitespace on the bottom of the billing page/change plan modal

Billing page issue where metadata is returning undefined

Make graph_id and staged_graph_id optional for setting default graph

Make datasetId required for get_channel_runs call

Change billing plan doesn't work on test environment

Graph save as button doesn't navigate to new saved graph

Developer plan showing wrong price in Organizations settings

Datasets that have valid images should show them in the browse datasets page

Graph does not keep node layout locations after Save As

To find out and fix all unsuccessful api call for Stripe

Issue with downloading and uploading YAML files.


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