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Platform Version 0.2.3

Platform Release Notes

Version 0.2.3


New Features and Improvements


Create GANAccess table in Terraform

Limit the maximum number of files that can be downloaded concurrently on Datasets

Develop a function for the SDK that can draws bboxes on images

COCO Annotation does not have any indication of dataset used to generate it

Create SDK/API call to upload a CycleGAN model.

Implement 404 pages for Platform UI and RAI site.

Add an SDK function for syncing volume data with local directory.

Add route53 on GraphQL

[Platform UI 2.0] Add YAML Version upload when you create new graph

Bug Fixes


GAN Microservice status stays queued.

Fix the HandleTextOverflow component naming

Handle empty case in Datasets Page

[Platform UI 2.0/BUG] Cancel button is not working in billing page's contact us modal

Issue on Organization Settings pages and Organization Workspace pages when no workspace exists.

Make Upgrade Plan modal more reactive.

Platform error attachment not working

When you run a bad preview and navigate away, it displays a blank error modal when you go back into graph.

When a preview results in an error, the error is not cached.


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