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Platform Version 0.2.14

Platform Release Notes

Version 0.2.14



New Features and Improvements


Cluster for Omniverse: g4dn

Channel Type Omniverse

Update Blender to 3.3 LTS

[Vanta] Remediate "S3 server access logs enabled"

[Vanta] Remediate "NoSQL database write capacity monitored (AWS)"

[Vanta] Remediate "NoSQL database read capacity monitored (AWS)"

[Vanta] Remediate "Serverless function error rate monitored (AWS)"

Bug Fixes


Add --enable-docker-size flag to the anadeploy script

Member missing access to their organization's workspace (PROD)

Graph Upload and New Graph through UI : Node inputs that default to zero show as blank

No staged graph displayed in a new workspace

Autofill on registration inserts email in the content code field

Consistency on "Create/Save" buttons in several places for invalid name

Bug on deleting a single staged graph in Jobs page if there are only 2 in the list

Anadeploy doesn't allow same name as channel file

Create GAN modal shows 2 close buttons for free tiers



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