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Platform Version 0.2.13

Platform Release Notes

Version 0.2.13



New Features and Improvements


Add memory monitoring logging to Jobs.

Look into incorrect KITTI labeling

Bug Fixes


More updates to name validation.

Spacing on Annotations modal.

Analytics s3 links are not being included in JSON download files.

Sagemaker SS and OD annotation formats not working.

Issue with anadeploy when max ManagedChannels limit has been reached.

Sort organization dropdown names in organization page and workspaces selection dropdown

Issue with sync=True on upload_volume_data SDK call.

Error from redshift logger

Issue with duplicate links on Canvas.

Fix layout for Running Jobs navigation bar

Improve UX on closing the search

Fix responsiveness of Recent Jobs Section on Workspaces Page

Keep state of staged graphs section on Jobs Page after a staged graph is deleted

Fix the ellipses dropdown in multiple places

Update validation on Name fields

Change trashcan icon during running job to stop icon.

Sort Microservice lists so they are alphabetical.

Select input not cleared with link

Staged graph view in GUI preserves select state across pages

Setting Thumbnails for workspaces doesn't always work

"Missing permissions" warning caused by sequencing issue on deleting workspaces

Buggy number entry

Handle the error state on Deckard landing page

Issue with leftover link when graph is updated.

Fix error message when running "ana" with a package that doesn't exist



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