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Platform Version 0.2.12

Platform Release Notes

Version 0.2.12



New Features and Improvements


Splitting core GraphQL into registration and core GraphQL

Update SDK to use instead of

UMAP needs more responsive design

Automated Testing - Release 3

Refactor PlatformErrorRecorder to create JIRA task with specific description. (preview)

Bug Fixes


Instance scale down issue for on-demand instances

Redshift tables not getting updated

Default name does not work with anadeploy for new channel

Workspace Thumbnails won't get copied on new content code workspaces

Disable "Run" job button if no values for Number-of-Runs or Name

3dots dropdown in jobs page staged graph section is opening to wrong side

Contact us forms in organization/channels tab returning 404 error

Sometimes when you open new graph, it does not extent to the full size of the graph completely.

Contact us on billing page is throwing 404 error.

Update GAN datasets edit and create modals

Annotations dump_kitti failing on missing obstruction

Issue with SDK get_volumes call returning None instead of an empty list

Issue with anadeploy not working without anamount

Need to disable Create button after clicking it once on Create workspace dialog

Disable "Run" job button if Seed value is not validated

addMember and removeMember API should accurately increment/decrement counts for role=Guests

ECR timeout issue on cloning workspace for a new user's registration

Issue with RandomInteger node.

Issue with Channel Deployment

Preview and Ana run memory value should be integer not double

Platform Error on Preview Microservice was not recorded in JIRA correctly on 8/8/22

Platform Error anaServiceCommandBuilder condition check failed issue

anamount won't work unless at top -level dir



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