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Platform Version 0.2.10

Platform Release Notes

Version 0.2.10



New Features and Improvements


Fix the styling inconsistencies in jobs page

Remove ACH links from Platform UI

Automated Testing - Release 1

Update message for anamount timer

AWS Marketplace Integration

Double-check logic for counting images in postprocess and upload step functions.

Bug Fixes


AWS lambda node runtime 12 deprecation

GraphQL lock all AWS package versions

Dataset upload some preview images become black

"" signature block missing from welcome emails

Organization ID becomes null when removing channels through removeChannel API

Error on removeChannel API

Issue with Annotations in staging.

Issue with updating a SATRGB graph after channel update.

Issue with --channel parameter on build_managed_channel in SDK

Bug with dirsig-hsi-dev graphs in Planet org.

Issue with anadeploy.

UMAP broken



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