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Creating and Using Datasets

Datasets are the output from the platform. Most of what you have learned so far has been focused on configuring or running simulations to produce datasets. Now lets learn about what datasets are and how they can be used on the platform.

Dataset Job

After a Dataset Job has completed on the Jobs page, a dataset will be available to download via the Download button on the Jobs page.

Download button

Dataset Library

The Dataset will also appear in the Datasets Library page. By navigating to the Libraries > Dataset tab and selecting the Dataset, you can learn more about it on the right-hand side. By clicking the checkbox next to the Dataset name, you can download or delete the dataset from the Dataset Library.

Datasets Library

Information about each dataset name and description, unique identifiers and parameters for generating the dataset are shown on the right. From here, you can also edit the name and description of a dataset using the pencil icon.

Edit Dataset

Additional Dataset Services

The platform has a number of additional services to help you learn more about, compare or adapt the synthetic dataset. See the following tutorials to learn more and to get the most out of your datasets.

Dataset Annotations

Dataset Analytics

Domain Adaptation

Dataset Comparison

Dataset Best Practices

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