subscription licensing has three subscription licensing tiers that provide customers with a range of cumulative entitlements and some entitlements that provide access to different levels of compute capacity.

  • Basic: At the Basic subscription tier, users can sign up for free access to explore the Platform. The Basic edition targets the subject matter expert who wants to demonstrate that synthetic data is useful for a project. This subscription is limited by the number of compute hours and will allow the user to upgrade to Developer or Professional. Users have access to their own Organization with the ability to explore an Example channel to generate imagery. Basic users have a fixed total number of compute hours available and can even work with our SDK and samples to create their own channels and content as long as they have compute time available.

  • Developer: The Developer subscription enables small organizations to start building their own channels to generate synthetic data, run jobs and generate datasets, and even build automation of synthetic data into their systems, with access to as much content as they can generate at the Developer compute tier. Developer subscription includes 5 members for an Organization, so that the customer can build collaborative workflows even if they only have a small team. If the Developer tier customer needs to add more storage or members, they can add another Developer subscription. If the customer needs more compute resources, they can upgrade to the Professional subscription.

  • Professional: The Professional subscription gives larger organizations more members (25), more storage, and access to a higher concurrency compute environment. This tier is for Organizations who will build synthetic data workflows into multiple parts of an AI-based system and who may need either many collaborators or a large amount of compute capacity. For customers who need to scale beyond a single Professional subscription, we offer additional subscription purchases or customers may contact us to discuss an Enterprise Agreement.

For more information on specific entitlements in each subscription tier, please visit the Terms of Service. Subscribing customers should always consult the appropriate membership agreement for their specific entitlements.

Upgrading a Subscription

Customers who need special terms, a PO process, or to add subscriptions to an existing account should contact us.

Customers who want to upgrade from Basic or Developer and are paying by credit card or ACH can simply follow the prompts in the billing pages in the web interface to select the plan they want and enter their billing information.

Customers who need use a purchase order and receive an invoice should contact us and we will help you upgrade to the appropriate plan.

In some cases a customer simply needs to add additional capacity, such as by purchasing additional plans. For the moment, we are requesting that you contact us to arrange purchasing additional subscriptions at your current plan.

Additional licensing options and offerings

For customers who may not fit into our standardized subscription offerings, we can work with customers on the following types of relationships:

  • Enterprise Agreements: Enterprise Agreements allow to tailor an agreement with a customer to suit special needs such as unusual capacity, usage patterns, or even business models. Whenever possible, we will structure Enterprise Agreements to either include or heavily rely on our

  • OEM Agreements: In cases where a partner or customer wants to provide access to synthetic data generation capability as part of their business model, we request that you contact us to discuss an OEM or private label agreement.

  • Professional Services Agreements: Some of our customers request assistance for channel development, sensor model development, or integration into other enterprise systems. For cases that extend beyond basic product features or customer support, we offer expert professional services.

For more information on one of these agreement types, please contact us.