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New users who sign up at are licensed a Developer Subscription for 30 days. Any data you create during that time is yours to keep according to our standard Terms of Service. has three subscription licensing tiers that provide customers with a range of cumulative entitlements and licensed access to different levels of compute capacity.

  • Developer: This subscription is intended for non-profit and academic research customers who want capacity and compute resources to build and test a complete synthetic data solution with The Developer Subscription is for non-production use.  This subscription  provides concurrent compute capacity at a level intended for experimentation and iterative development. This plan also enables research teams to collaborate and to explore integrating the Platform into AI pipelines through our APIs.

  • Professional: The Professional subscription is for customers who are generating synthetic data for training AI algorithms, typically on a focused project. The subscription supports collaborative access by a team, adequate storage for simulation content and created data, and compute resources sufficient for most individual projects. If you are working on CV models and can handle your own simulation design, this is the subscription for you.

  • Enterprise: The Enterprise Subscription includes Enhanced Support Credits that enable you to use as your Synthetic Data Engineering team. The Enterprise Subscription entitles you to have access to a Technical Account Manager (TAM) who will conduct regular coordination meetings and manage an ongoing backlog. Enterprise Subscriptions include our max compute capacity, extra storage, and unlimited members within your organization.

For more information on specific entitlements in each subscription tier, please visit the Terms of Service. Subscribing customers should always consult the appropriate membership agreement for their specific entitlements.

Upgrading a subscription

Customers who need special terms, a PO process, or to add subscriptions to an existing account should contact us.

Customers who want to upgrade and are paying by credit card can simply follow the prompts in the billing pages in the web interface to select the plan they want and enter their billing information.

Customers who need a purchase order or receive an invoice should contact us and we will help you upgrade to the appropriate plan.

In some cases a customer simply needs to add additional capacity, such as by purchasing additional plans. For the moment, we are requesting that you contact us to arrange purchasing additional subscriptions at your current plan.

Additional licensing options and offerings

Some customers may not fit into our standardized subscription offerings. We can work with customers on the following types of relationships:

  • Custom Enterprise Agreements: Enterprise Agreements allow to tailor an agreement with a customer to suit special needs such as unusual capacity, usage patterns, or even business models. Whenever possible, we will structure Custom Enterprise Agreements to either include or heavily rely on our subscription patterns.

  • OEM Agreements: In cases where a partner or customer wants to provide access to synthetic data generation capability as part of their business model, we request that you contact us to discuss an OEM or private label agreement.

  • Professional Services Agreements: Some of our customers request assistance for channel development, sensor model development, or integration into other enterprise systems. For cases that extend beyond basic product features or customer support, we offer expert professional services.

For more information on one of these agreement types, please contact us.

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